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Wellness and relaxation moment

 "Le Mazet de Tourrettes" thinks of your well-being and offers you a pure moment of relaxation and serenity in a bucolic setting in Tourrettes sur Loup.

From March 2019 we will offer "Couple Wellness Stays" with activities: Walking, Mountain Bike with Electric Assistance, Massages with 4 Orients or personalized energy treatments, 5 days in the green in a setting dedicated to well-being.

Please contact us for any information about this stay at +33 6 60 71 48 29 .

Californian and Swedish massage

In partnership with Amandine, fully trained masseuse in traditional swedish and californien massage, enjoy your stay with a special moment.
Se would like you to profit in the magical standing.

Everything is included for you to benefit the experience from organic massage oils, professional massage table ,relaxation music.

If you would like to profit from these appointements, please kindly informe us when you reserve your stay, so we can arrange with our masseuse.
The massage is to be paid directly with Amandine.
Thank you for your understanding.

Massages are without prescribed medication ,if you are pregnant please let us know when you book.

Swedish Massage

 Swedish alliance of softness and tonicity.

It is a dynamic and rhythmic massage technique that aims to dissolve tension and firm muscles and joints. Its toning and relaxing effect promotes blood and lymphatic circulation, the elimination of toxins and helps the body to regain its natural balance. Ideal for athletes who want to relax their tired muscles.

Caifornian Massage

Californian massage...a release to reconnect with her body.

Californian massage is a global approach which aims as much the relaxation as the awakening of a psycho-body consciousness. This massage uses long, fluid movements that allow deep physical and mental relaxation. Starting with gentle, enveloping and relaxing strokes, the manoeuvres follow one another and intensify to relieve deeper tensions.

"Massage 4 Orients"

The "Massage aux 4 Orients" is a unique approach to massage and touch.

Touch is approached in relation to each element, which are Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Wood in order to make massage the link between Nature and our deep Nature.

This massage is based on the contemplation of Nature and the practice of the harmonization of the being with the 5 elements acting subtly on our Body (muscles / organs / skin) and on our Mind (emotions, resistance to stress...).

The "4 Orients Massage" is a series of personalized maneuvers inspired by the contemplation of movements and feelings induced by the natural element and which give shape to the massage.

Through this massage Florence uses essential oils and organic vegetable.